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Mobile friendly custom web design for small business.

With so many options available for web sites these days for commercial design, why chose custom web design? The benefits of having a web site custom tailored to your business are not limited to having someone else do the work for you. You will end up with something built from the ground up to your specifications and designed to showcase your business on the web. And that is the ultimate goal, to have your business site stand out from the crowd.

Custom web design is really the best option for any business, large or small. But sadly all too often small business owners cannot afford the premium price tags that web design firms often charge for their services. I can offer the small business owner the same custom design and high level of service you would get at a large web design firm, minus that premium price tag.

custom design choices

There are many web design companies, literally thousands of them if you do a search on Google. There are template sites that offer pre-made template designs you can upload to your site and modify the content to suit your needs. There are companies that offer free or low fee website designs that you can modify online, adding images and content without the need for any sort of coding skill.

There are major drawbacks with some of these options. Templates you license on line are available to everyone else that browses that site. Which means your business site might be a duplicate of other sites. That's bad for your image and your business. The same thing can happen with the sites that allow you to build your website online. Your business site should be unique, It should not be a "cookie cutter" replica that looks like a million other websites.

adaptive design

Doing business on the web has evolved from the use of desktops and laptops to include smaller devices such as tablets and phones.

There are two types of web design techniques to accommodate all these devices; adaptive web design and responsive web design.

You might have heard the term Adaptive Design but not understand the difference between Responsive and Adaptive Design. Adaptive designs are web sites that are created based upon media device sizes. These sites send different content templates to different devices, based upon the dimensions of the device. The content is optimized for a specific device, e.g., a smart phone adaptive template is different from the desktop adaptive template. This allows for faster load times for smaller devices, but it does have it's drawbacks too. Adaptive design requires a number of content templates to be created for a variety of devices.


Responsive design is a fluid web site with a template that changes based upon the device someone is using to view the site. It does not use multiple templates of content optimized to specific devices.

Three simple words to describe how the face of the Internet has changed: Responsive Web Design. Responsive website designs automatically scale up or down to accomadate the device being used to browse your website. It becomes very easy to view the content or navigate a responsive site no matter what device is being used.

If your website is not mobile friendly you are losing potential customers, clients and business, not to mention dropping lower in the search engine rankings. And your competitors with web sites that are responsive to multiple devices are getting more traffic and more business. Your business. Your clients. Your money.

Should I choose Responsive or Adaptive Design for my Business?

As a small business, you need to pay close attention to your bottom line. Investing thousands of dollars up front into a site design for your business is a luxury most small business owners cannot afford. Adaptive design is nice if you can afford to spend the extra money for a designer to create multiple templates of content for different devices. But for the average small business, Responsive Web Design is better way to go. It's a great way to have a mobile friendly website without having to spend more money.

Whether you choose a Responsive Design or an Adaptive Design, mobile friendly is an absolute must for any small business owner looking for ways to increase the flow of traffic to their website.


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