A little bit of info about Mel.

No, the dog is not the designer. He might be the most amazing dog ever, but he can't design websites. He is however, very opinionated and does on occasion, offer his advice. I listen but tend to take his suggestions with a grain of salt. He feels that anything good always involves cold creeks and rivers or snow and ice.

I have always felt that these about sections for web designers and web design sites were terribly dry and rather dull. Let's face it, creating a website from scratch -literally out of thin air- takes a lot of imagination. Yes, of course skill is a big part of it, but the driving force behind creation is imagination and visualization.

But you are here to learn about the person behind Designing By Mel, right? So let's get to the details about me, Melissa (Mel for short) the designer, coder and artist.


This picture of me is sans-makeup with messy, windblown hair from hiking on top of Hawk Mountain Sanctuary. So it's me in my favorite environment: Outside!

I've been involved in the digital world since 2001 and I have a lot of experience in visualization and letting my imagination run with an idea. A number of my clients have been with me about 10 or more years. I doubt they would hang around that long if I lacked imagination. Or skill. Or personality.

I'm also a digital artist, incorporating 3D programs, or photos and Photoshop to create images. I have received a fair number of awards and accolades for my art, so I suppose that gives me some bragging rights. I do use those skills in web design to create images and graphics, like the ones used on this site and scattered across the sites of my clients.

Sure, I have had other occupations in the past, the distant past to be more accurate, but you don't care about those, do you? All you really care about is my skills in the digital craft of design.

Where am I from you ask? I live in the northeast section of the US, about 50 miles northwest of Philadelphia. Much of the city where I live is surrounded by mountain forest, with a number of homes tucked inside wooded areas or built right up against the forest line.

my woods

An entrance for the Appalachian Trail can be found about 30 miles north of my home. It is a truly beautiful area, and much of my inspiration for design and artwork comes from soaking up my surroundings.

When I am not sitting in front of my computer, I am often roaming the mountain forest behind my house with Hugo and Mae, our adopted Puggle. Hugo is a Great Pyrenees, a rare dog in this area. He's a herd guardian and most assuredly has all the distinctive traits that this breed is known for, including an independent streak.

We share the house with my husband and son and a rather possessive cat named Harry.

We have two daughters, a son, and two granddaughters, having been blessed with three wonderful children. When they were young, I referred to them as my "littlest angels." Now two of my littlest angels have little angels of their own.

So there you have it, some details about the designer behind Designing By Mel. If you want to know more, you can always hire me to design your website.