Your website should compliment your business and grow with it.

Web design. Web implementation. What does it mean and what is the difference? The average person has no idea what goes into the creation of a good web site. There is a process to creating web sites, and although it will vary somewhat from client to client, the basic principles of good web design are the same.

But what is the difference between web design and web implementation?

Web design refers to the aesthetics of the site. The look, the fonts used, the images and graphics, all the things that make the site look like it does. It's the plaster, paint, flooring and all the finishing touches in the building process.

Web implementation basically refers to how the site is coded and laid out. This is the guts of the site, the foundation on which the entire site is built. And just like any building or house, if the foundation is weak, the entire structure of the site is weakened.

Both are equally important. Without a good design that loads quickly, users will linger on your site for an average time of 4 seconds. Without good implementation, your site will not hold up to viewing in multiple browsers and multiple devices and be difficult for visitors to use, and users will just leave your site.

People browsing your site do not care about that expensive flash design you paid an arm and a leg for. Most people find flash rather annoying in large doses nor does it work correctly (if at all) in mobile devices. Users do not care if your site is on the cutting edge of web design technology. No one wants to wade through paragraph after paragraph of marketing jargon as to why they should do business with you. What about the thousands of dollars the web design company urged you to spend on marketing copy? Who do you think really profits from marketing copy, your business or the web design company?

What users do care about is how fast the pages load and how swiftly they can locate the specific information they want to know about the services or the products you are offering. They want to be able to find that information, review it, contact you if they like what they see, or if you have what they need, or purchase the product they want, and get back to their lives.

This is what I can offer you: a well-built, error free and asthetically pleasing site design that loads swiftly and is easy to navigate. A web site that presents your information in a concise and informative manner, with a look and feel that fits you and your business.

cms design

Content Management System design is a nice alternative if you would like to have more control over your site, allowing you to be able to add and manage much of the content on your site without the need to understand how to use HTML code. There are a number of Content Management Systems (CMS) available; Wordpress is one of the more popular ones. The administration area is user friendly, and relatively easy to maintain. It's incredibly versatile because of the ability to add plug-in architecture allowing for application expansion with many additional options from the base application.

One can opt for a full custom design for Wordpress or any CMS application. Or license a premade theme and have it modified to suit your own needs. Either way, it is an excellent option to consider for your website.

All CMS applications are built on PHP and MySQL and require access to a database.

ecommerce design

An eCommerce Site is what you will need if you plan to sell anything on the web. There are multiple options and choices available to online merchants these days. There are many ecommerce applications you can choose to have installed on your domain and customized to your needs. Let me break it down for you.

Shopping cart - the application you use to run your storefront. Most carts are automated, so users browsing your site can make a purchase any time of the day or night.

SSL certificate - Secure Socket Layer is what those letters stand for, and is a requirement when any kind of financial transaction is conducted online. The SSL prevents credit card information from being stolen during the transaction process.

Merchant gateway - In order to process credit cards online, you have to have a merchant gateway. There are many choices, Paypal being one of the least expensive and most well-known.

Shipping - If you are selling a physical product you will need a shipping method in order to send the product to the buyer. USPS, UPS, and FedEx to name a few choices, are all names familiar to most of us, and the preferred choice of many online stores.

Whatever you plan to sell online, you have many options and choices when it comes to building a storefront.

template design

Custom Template design is a nice alternative to a full website design. It's cheaper, and allows a client with working knowledge of coding to do the work of getting the site uploaded and in place, plus handle all of the site maintenance. Templates can be as simple as just the graphics or as complex as multiple styles of templates, exactly like a complex website design. They can include image files that allow for custom editing as needed. They can be edited in the HTML editor of your choice.

Custom templates can also be created for any Content Management System application such as Wordpress or a shopping cart application.