The important building blocks used for every website.

Branding - Is an important word when it comes to your business. Branding is one of the most important aspects of any business, i.e.; the company logo. Branding also applies to your website, because your clients will associate the look and feel of your website with your business and vice versa.

The use of visual images and visual symbolism to bring across and idea or present a concept to users can be a very useful tool when it comes to your website design, and should be a part of the branding process. Your logo, image, color and font choices all combine to set your website apart from the rest of the sites out there, and serve as recognition factors for your clients as well as being fundamental in the growth of any new business.

That makes a custom web design very important when one considers how many people and potential clients or customers will come to associate the look of your website with your business.

Someone might tell you that you can easily get away with using a pre-made template from a template site. Or they might tell you to use a service that automatically builds a site for you. These are cheaper options but pre-made templates and automated site builders tend to have that "cookie cutter" look to them. Whatever money you might save going this route, the lack of strong branding for your site could cost you potential business.

Never underestimate the power of branding. It's one of the crucial aspects of your website and business.

digital imagery

Digital Imagery can be one of your best assets in web design or your worst nightmare.

Imagery is certainly worth a very great deal when it comes to web design. Imagery goes along with that very important branding, and is a vital part of the process. Digital illustration and digital photography are widely used on web sites, as well as photo manipulation. 3D digital illustration is on the rise, with more and more web sites incorporating aspects of 3D into their everyday use.

Many sites have photos of their business on their site, which adds recognition as well as a sense of security for clients. A number of sites have digital illustration incorporated into their site design; that could be a logo, or even part of the actual, design itself.

Some sites even display photos of the business or the business owners. Some post photos to a gallery from their place of business. However you chose to display imagery on your site, discuss it in detail with your web designer. Your designer will know how to get the best use out of imagery when it comes to your site design.

search engine optimzation

Search Engine Optimzation (SEO) is the method by which one applies techniques and strategies to increase the search engine rankings of a web site. It used to be about manipulating the search engines, but today's search engines are more sophisticated and the rules have changed.

But with patience and work, your search site rankings can be increased.

It takes time; this is not something you can force to happen overnight. By trying to manipulate the search engines these days, your search engine rankings can actually drop. And since it is one of the main paths leading potential clients and customers to your site, it should be handled by a professional.

Broken links, badly coded sites, misleading descriptions or poorly worded descriptions are some of the issues which can drastically lower your search engine rankings. By not offering a mobile friendly web site, your rankings can drop even more. A good solid website design and that is mobile friendly is helpful with increasing your search engines rankings.

the code

The Code is the foundation on which all website designs are built. Without the code, you have nothing but a blank page. If the code is bad and plagued with errors, the site will not work properly. If the code is not up to today's web standards it will often break apart in different web browsers, and in some cases even be unusable, especially across multiple devices. Solid code means a solid web site design.

If your site is designed by the current web standards, it should also be cross browser compliant as well as mobile friendly. That means your website will work well in different browsers and across multiple devices. This enables your business site to reach a far wider audience than if your site design is not up to the current standards.

If your website doesn't look right on someone's tablet or phone, if it's not easy to navigate on those kinds of devices, you've lost a larger chunk of business than you realize.